We'd like to help you tell your story through music.  What about your life would best be expressed in a song, your song?  Maybe you want to commemorate an occasion with your favorite, arranged and recorded just for you.  Let's get started!

The Moon Is Ours Tonight - Erin Bode
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How High The Moon - Erin Bode
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Your Story

Bob always wanted to write a love song for his wife Cheryl.  They’ve been married 33 years and when he wrote to me, asking for me to take a poem he’d written for her and turn it into a song, I jumped at the chance.  Read more about "The Moon Is Ours Tonight".

Your Song

Kathy and Jerry have been married fifty years.  "Misty" was the song they first danced to at their wedding and having a special recording of it, just for them will be the perfect commemoration of five decades together. 


Start your lives together with a song of your very own. Be it a romantic first dance love song or a start-of-the-party anthem to honor your love, why not make the event even more special with your very own song that you can dance to for years to come.



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